Nickel silver

Nickel silver is a shiny silver-white to yellow alloy of copper, nickel and zinc.
Due to its nickel content, this material is harder, more corrosion-resistant and more durable than brass.
Due to its hardness, it is much more complex and physically demanding to work with.
In terms of vibration, however, it reacts better due to the hardness, which has already been confirmed in a test of the Sonic.
Flügelhorn versetzte Bauweise "Fusion" aus Neusilber mit gravierter Goldmessingkappe und graviertem Goldmessingkranz und Titanventilen
Nickel silver winged horn with engraved gold brass cap and rim

Ringing example gold brass

Ringing example nickel silver

Wind instruments made of nickel silver became our trademark. This material has excellent properties in terms of response, sound and durability. In addition, nickel silver instruments with gold brass accents are simply a feast for the eyes. In addition to nickel silver instruments, all other alloys from brass to bronze are also possible. This allows us to completely customize the instrument according to your wishes.


Bronze is a copper-tin alloy with a very high copper content (>90%). Nevertheless, the material is harder than brass and provides a dark, warm tone. The sound is also much more projective in comparison, without being intrusive.

The material is just as durable and resistant as nickel silver.

Ringing example bronze

Flügelhorn aus Bronze mit asymmetrischer Maschine und Titanventilen, Zugbögen aus Neusilber
Bronze flugelhorn

We ensure the quality of our bells thanks to our collaboration with Bernd Sandner in Marktneukirchen.

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