Tenor horn/baritone

Baritone “Fusion”

Our “Fusion” baritone combines the advantages of the traditional baritone with a more modern development: the asymmetrical valve section.
This allows the sound wave in the instrument to build up more quickly, making the instrument even more pleasant to play. Because the valve slides are arranged upwards, all the condensation runs into the tuning slide, where it can be drained by pressing the water key.
  • Bell diameter: 300mm
  • Hand-hammered bell and branch
  • Material: gold brass, nickel silver or bronze
  • Wall thickness: 0.5mm
  • Hand-formed braces
  • Nickel silver leadpipe
  • Asymmetrical valve section
  • Weight (4-valve, titanium): 2240-2280g
  • lacquered

Pfreimbtner Valve Section:

  • Nickel silver version
  • Valves: Brass with central lubrication system or titanium
  • Bore: 14 mm
  • Valve connections made from nickel silver
  • Coil spring key system ergonomic arrangement
  • Minibal ball joints
  • Inner slides made of nickel silver
  • Gold brass slide bows
  • Water key on the tuning slide

starting at 6188,- €

3-valve (tenor horn)

starting at 4728,- €

You are welcome to order parts of our instruments in a different version:

  • Other materials (nickel silver, bronze, etc.) different wall thicknesses possible
  • Garland in nickel silver/gold brass/bronze
  • Various bell diameters
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